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Who is responsible for keeping Riverside's sidewalks safe?

The Public Works Streets Division (PWSD) for the City of Riverside is generally responsible for maintaining the gutters, curb and sidewalk to the side and front closest to the street. There are some exceptions to this rule though. This can affect who you're able to sue for damages if you're injured while walking or biking along one of these areas.

California sues health products maker over unit dangers

There are times when we are hurt by our own mistakes or an element of chance in our lives. Accidents are often easy to write off as happenstance and recovery does not take too long. But in some cases, our pain is the result of the actions or inactions of other people and we are owed damages for that consequence.

Tips to help you avoid a dog bite

Dog attacks often happen very quickly, possibly with little warning. Maybe you're just out for a morning jog, for instance, listening to music on your headphones as you run along the side of the street. Suddenly, an off-leash dog charges out of a yard and comes right at you. Now what?

When can you take legal action over bullying of your child?

No parent wants to learn that their child is being bullied in school, especially if they were bullied when they were young. While there’s more attention to the short- and long-term damage that bullying can do now than there was decades ago, it still occurs every day in school hallways and on playgrounds. Parents should always talk to school administrators, coaches, teachers or other adults who have the authority and ability to prevent it when they learn their child is being bullied.

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