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When rights do you have as a pedestrian?

Many individuals here in Riverside rely on their feet to get them to work, to the store and other places that they need to go out of necessity. Others do so for environmental reasons or recreation. No matter what your reason is for walking, you should know that you have both obligations and rights as a California pedestrian.

Pedestrians don't always have the right of way. It matters whether there's a crosswalk, signs or signals there at the intersection.

Motorists and pedestrians should both abide by any traffic signals that either party encounters at an intersection. The story is a bit different if you see a yield or stop sign. A motorist almost always needs to yield to pedestrians if either one of these traffic signs is present. Generally, the only exception to this rule is if a California police officer tells them to do something different.

If a driver is attempting to make a right turn on red at an intersection where a crosswalk is present, then the motorist must first yield to the right of way of both the pedestrians and other cars before taking any further action. Drivers must also generally wait for someone walking on a green light to complete their stroll through the crosswalk before proceeding through the intersection.

Drivers must also slow down when nearing an intersection that lacks signals or signs. When a motorist does this, they send a message to any awaiting pedestrian that they're not trying to endanger their life.

Pedestrians generally don't have the right of way unless they're crossing a road at the actual intersection.

California's traffic is often heavy. This can make it a bit more difficult for some motorists to be able to track pedestrians as they prepare to cross the road. Other drivers may notice individuals walking but think that they can beat them through the intersection. Other motorists grow impatient waiting on pedestrians to cross a crosswalk and plow into them.

If you've upheld your obligations as a pedestrian and you've been struck as a motorist, then you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries that you have. An attorney can review the details surrounding your crash and let you know whether you can file suit in your case.

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