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What are the origins of the #MeToo movement?

If there's one topic that's been the focus of many newscasts during the past few years, it's the Me Too Movement (#MeToo). It's now discussed even more frequently in the news since the trial of famed former Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has gotten underway. What you may not realize though is how this movement got started long before his accusers came into the spotlight. It's long been a rallying cry for sexual assault victims.

The movement was started by an American activist on the then-popular social media site MySpace back in 2006. She started using the phrase "me too" to respond to other women who would share their stories of being sexually harassed. She felt that her fellow females would feel empowered in knowing that they weren't alone in their pain. She commented on their posts as a way of showing support for other women and more specifically those of color.

#MeToo largely remained an under-the-radar grassroots movement up until 2017. It's that year that the actress Alyssa Milano reinvigorated the simple, yet powerful phrase. The actress's use of #MeToo gained traction around this time. Many others in Hollywood soon followed suit and used the phrase on their social media sites including Instagram and Twitter. Many of the cases of sexual harassment that they raised involved the film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Many women from all walks of life have since followed suit and joined in calling attention to the sexual harassment that they've endured in the workplace and other aspects of their lives.

Individuals who've been sexually assaulted often keep quiet about what's happened to them. They often do so because they aren't sure if what's occurred can be construed as a sexual assault. They also keep quiet because they fear to lose their jobs, being blacklisted or something worse happening to them.

If someone has made unwanted advances toward you or threatened you with the loss of your job due to your unwillingness to engage in some type of sexual activity, then you may have indeed been sexually harassed. Anyone that has committed an unwanted act on you may be guilty of sexual assault.

An attorney can help you better distinguish between these different types of offenses. Your Riverside lawyer can also guide you through the process of taking legal action against the California perpetrator of these unconscionable acts.

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