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How to safely approach an intersection when driving

When driving in a city setting, you'll approach one intersection after the next.

If there's a stop sign, you know that you should stop completely, check around you and proceed with caution. If there's a traffic signal, you know that green means go, and red means stop.

However, there is a lot of gray area in regards to protecting your safety when approaching an intersection, as you never know what will happen around you. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Anticipate far in advance: When approaching a green light, for example, take into consideration the fact that it could change yellow at any point, causing you to make a decision on whether to stop or go. When you anticipate far in advance, you're better prepared to safely handle any situation.
  • Always use your turn signals: If you're turning at an intersection, put your turn signal on well before reaching it. This gives other drivers, including those behind you and coming from other directions, a clear idea of your intentions.
  • Watch for pedestrians: Don't pay so much attention to other drivers that you lose sight of pedestrians, such as those who are not so patiently waiting to cross the street.

If you're involved in an intersection accident, such as the result of someone who sped through a red light or stop sign, your risk of injury is high.

It's best to stay where you are until police and an ambulance arrive at the scene. From there, you can rely on the paramedics to stabilize your health and the responding officer to create a police report.

As you review your insurance policy and file a claim, make note of all the ways you can obtain compensation from the negligent driver.

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