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Why you should be wearing a bike helmet while riding to work

Taking your bicycle to work has many benefits. Not only does biking provide you exercise and a burst of energy to start your day, it’s often the more environmentally-conscious decision. The cool California mornings make for comfortable riding weather.

California itself has nearly 50,000 bicyclists making it one of the largest biking populations in the county. Unfortunately, it also means that no state has more bicycle-related fatalities. Motor vehicles and various road hazards alike expose vulnerable riders to potentially life-threatening dangers.

A helmet goes a long way

Among the biggest risk factors for bicyclists in 2013 was not wearing a helmet. Over half of all fatal bicycle accidents that year involved riders without a helmet. Brain injuries are serious and can have long-term or fatal consequences. Protecting your head is important on every ride.

Your parents probably taught you the importance of wearing a helmet when you first learned to ride a bike. Over time, strapping on that helmet is a habit that falls by the wayside as they get older. Some might say wearing a helmet is uncomfortable or makes them too hot. However, the right helmet can be comfortable and provide greater protection in the event of a collision.

A few things to look for when buying a helmet include:

  • Comfort: A good helmet should not pinch your head nor feel like it will fall off at any moment. Experts suggest that smaller is better if your head is in between two sizes.
  • Features: Your helmet can be as unique as you are. Features like visors, ventilation, and others allow you to pick out the perfect helmet.
  • Different materials: Helmet makers use advanced technology to make high-end helmets that much safer. Multi-direction impact protection systems absorb and disperse the impact to reduce your injury risk. Others offer crumple zones in the front or back of the helmet that help absorb the shock.

No matter which way you choose, you should replace your helmet every five years or after each accident to ensure the integrity of the helmet and that you’re taking advantage of the latest safety advances.

Riding to work is a great way to get some early-morning exercise in and help the environment, but a helmet is a key element to ensure arriving safe and sound.

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