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September 2019 Archives

Lawsuit accuses Lyft of not dealing with its “sexual predator crisis”

Most people who drive for ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft are simply trying to supplement their income or stay busy in retirement. For others, driving is a full-time job. Unfortunately, some of these drivers are predators. In recent years, there have been multiple cases of women being sexually assaulted by drivers.

California bars won’t be allowed a later “last call” time

Would a later “last call” for bars and other California establishments that serve alcohol help stagger (so to speak) the times at which people under the influence might be getting behind the wheel, resulting in fewer people emerging from these venues at 2 a.m.? (That is the latest an establishment can serve alcohol state law.) Or would it just cause people to drink longer and get more inebriated?

A sexual-abuse realm where reposed trust is often sabotaged

A sexual abuse episode is hardly an arm’s-length transaction where two parties command equal power and discretion concerning what unfolds. That truth is flatly inherent by the words “perpetrator” and “victim” that routinely emerge in reports concerning such a matter.

When can you take legal action over bullying of your child?

No parent wants to learn that their child is being bullied in school, especially if they were bullied when they were young. While there’s more attention to the short- and long-term damage that bullying can do now than there was decades ago, it still occurs every day in school hallways and on playgrounds. Parents should always talk to school administrators, coaches, teachers or other adults who have the authority and ability to prevent it when they learn their child is being bullied.

What can you do if you see someone texting and driving?

We live in a society saturated with new and improved technology. It’s easy for constant beeps, vibrations and notifications to distract someone. Every time you drive on California roadways, there’s a likelihood you’ll see someone texting and driving. This is an illegal action, and when others drive distracted, they endanger you and other motor vehicle drivers.

The most common causes of car accidents

The numbers speak for themselves, and they aren’t pretty. Over 35,000 people are killed every year due to car accidents. In 2017, the number of deaths totaled 37,133 people. Three states: California, Texas and Florida alone accounted for over 10,000 of those deaths.

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