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An intoxicated motorist takes 2 Palm Springs motorists' lives

A Palm Springs crash claimed the lives of two Oklahoma women on March 16. The two decedents have been identified as a 68-year old Lawton resident and a 52-year-old Duncan resident by the Riverside County Coroner's Office. The elder victim was aunt to the younger one. There was also a third unidentified person who was seriously injured in the crash.

The fatal crash occurred in Palm Springs, a city that lies due west of Riverside at approximately 11:25 p.m. that fateful evening.

Talking to the kids about sexual abuse

If there's anything that recent headlines have taught parents it's that's sexual predators are everywhere that kids might be. They're coaches, teachers, doctors and priests.

That means you can't afford to preserve your child's innocence completely once they're no longer at home with you all the time. Once your children reach school age, it's important to discuss sexual abuse and body autonomy in ways that help your children understand what's normal and acceptable and what isn't.

Three steps to protect yourself against retaliation

Thanks to the #MeToo movement, more individuals every day have the courage to speak up about sexual harassment in the workplace.

However, many people might worry about suffering retaliation if they speak up. After all, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that retaliation claims are still the most common charges filed in California and across the nation.

Some workplaces make you more vulnerable to sexual harassment

In 2015, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) commissioned a study on sexual harassment. The researchers were tasked with determining whether workers in certain workplaces were more apt to be discriminated against than others and if so, what could be done about it. The Select Task Force uncovered some alarming trends while performing their research.

The researchers determined that those individuals who are employed in certain work environments are more apt to be sexually harassed than others.

How to handle the aftermath of an accident

Being involved in a car accident is something that we usually don’t expect to happen. Because of this, it can leave you in shock or surprise you. It can also be hard to maintain your composure and think clearly when the adrenaline from the crash is flowing through you. Fortunately, there are many tips that motorists can follow to help them after the accident.

Who is responsible for keeping Riverside's sidewalks safe?

The Public Works Streets Division (PWSD) for the City of Riverside is generally responsible for maintaining the gutters, curb and sidewalk to the side and front closest to the street. There are some exceptions to this rule though. This can affect who you're able to sue for damages if you're injured while walking or biking along one of these areas.

Earthquakes, aging, tree roots and traffic crashes can all cause gutters, curbs and sidewalks to become damaged. The city argues that they're only responsible for damage caused by city landscaping or trees. They note the private property owners are generally liable for making repairs to property damage caused by their vegetation. At the same time, city officials warn that they are willing to come out and temporarily patch raised or broken concrete if they pose a tripping hazard and the property owner is unable to make repairs right away.

When rights do you have as a pedestrian?

Many individuals here in Riverside rely on their feet to get them to work, to the store and other places that they need to go out of necessity. Others do so for environmental reasons or recreation. No matter what your reason is for walking, you should know that you have both obligations and rights as a California pedestrian.

Pedestrians don't always have the right of way. It matters whether there's a crosswalk, signs or signals there at the intersection.

Pickup enters oncoming traffic and causes major accident

A pickup truck in California apparently left its own travel lane, entered the lane for the oncoming traffic, and started a four-car crash that left people with serious injuries and all four cars in bad enough condition that they had to be towed from the scene.

Per the California Highway Patrol and local reports, the incident happened on Thursday, February 20. It took place right around 8:05 in the morning. The wreck was so bad that they could not open the road back up for three hours.

What are the origins of the #MeToo movement?

If there's one topic that's been the focus of many newscasts during the past few years, it's the Me Too Movement (#MeToo). It's now discussed even more frequently in the news since the trial of famed former Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has gotten underway. What you may not realize though is how this movement got started long before his accusers came into the spotlight. It's long been a rallying cry for sexual assault victims.

The movement was started by an American activist on the then-popular social media site MySpace back in 2006. She started using the phrase "me too" to respond to other women who would share their stories of being sexually harassed. She felt that her fellow females would feel empowered in knowing that they weren't alone in their pain. She commented on their posts as a way of showing support for other women and more specifically those of color.

Pew study uncovers incidents involving drunk school bus drivers

Across the United States every day, nearly a half-million school buses carry 25 million students to and from school and other activities, such as field trips and sporting events.

A recent in-depth study by the Pew Charitable Trust Stateline publication shows the safety of more than 1,620 kids in nearly 40 states has been jeopardized since 2015 by bus drivers who were impaired by alcohol or drugs.

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