Protecting The Rights Of Minors And Athletes

In recent years, scandals involving sexual abuse of children or student-athletes in sports leagues have unfortunately taken the national stage. Whether involving trainers at a national level or coaches at a local level, as a parent, it can be frightening to learn of the propensity for such abuse.

The attorneys at J. Lewis & Associates, APLC, protect and pursue the rights of victims of sexual abuse across Southern California. As a husband-wife lawyer team, we apply our collaborative, family-oriented approach to each case we take on. When your child suffered abuse from a school or youth sports program, we will aggressively seek the justice they deserve through recovering compensation.

Representation After Abuse Or Assault From Various Organizations

We represent victims of abuse from a wide array of local leagues, teams and organizations, including:

  • Youth sports clubs
  • Little leagues
  • High school sports teams
  • Local studios, clubs or private lessons

Perpetrators of abuse can include a coach, doctor, trainer, peer or others in some sort of authority position. Unfortunately, due to their position of power, many victims of abuse fear coming forward to even a parent because of the trust and confidence they placed in their aggressor.

What To Do As A Parent

Discovering that your child suffered sexual abuse can be horrifying. You may experience a whirlwind of emotions and be unsure of how to take action that can hold the perpetrators accountable. Firstly, be a source of comfort and care for your child. Then, report the abuse to the appropriate organization, including your child's school, sports team, the director of a sports club or organization and more.

Taking immediate action after you learn of the abuse your child suffered can both hold the perpetrator accountable and attempt to stop them from harming other children. After you contact the police to report the incident, contact a lawyer to determine your legal options. By filing a civil lawsuit, we can aggressively pursue the compensation you and your child deserve to recover physically and emotionally.

Learn How We Can Assist

While sexual abuse can be an enormous obstacle for victims, you can take action to start the healing process to allow both your child and you to move forward. Learn how we can assist by scheduling a free initial consultation in Riverside. Call us at 855-804-6049 or email us through our website.

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