Addressing Common Questions On Sexual Abuse Claims

Victims of sexual abuse may feel reluctant to consider legal action. You may question whether your case has the potential to recover compensation or if coming forward would be worth it. At J. Lewis & Associates, APLC, we understand the hesitation and concerns you may have. We work with you to address your questions and pursue your goals throughout the duration of your case.

Read on for some of our most frequently asked questions on sexual abuse claims:

What If I Didn't Immediately Report The Incident?

Many do not report a rape, sexual assault or more right away, whether due to fear of retaliation, humiliation, reporting an individual in a powerful position or more. You are not alone and this does not mean the court will immediately dismiss your case. In many cases of sexual assault, California law allows victims 10 years to begin a civil case. We can advise on the statute of limitations applicable to you and aggressively defend you in court.

My Child Suffered Sexual Abuse. What Should I Do?

Your first priority should be to listen to and comfort your child. Report the incident to both the police and to any institutions or organizations that should also be notified, such as the child's school, day care facility, church or more. Consulting with a mental health professional can also be helpful to provide a safe environment for your child to comfortably talk and heal. Then, contact an attorney to take legal action.

What Is The Difference Between A Civil And Criminal Suit?

After you report the incident to the police, they will begin a criminal investigation if they find the allegations credible. A criminal suit pursues criminal penalties against the perpetrator, including jail time, fines and more. A civil suit seeks justice by pursuing compensation for the victim.

What Damages Are Available?

The damages or compensation available to victims depends on the case. Damages provide necessary financial relief for medical care, potentially lost wages and pain and suffering. We can assist in determining the amount available for your case and fight for the full and fair amount that you are due.

Get Your Questions Answered By A Lawyer

We can answer your questions and provide the guidance you need. Schedule a free initial consultation at our Riverside office to learn more. Call 855-804-6049 or email us through our website. Working on a contingency fee basis, you will not pay unless we recover compensation for you.

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