Standing Up For The Rights Of Students

No child should endure sexual abuse anywhere, let alone at school. Schools, whether at the elementary, middle school, high school or college level, should provide a safe and educational environment for all.

Yet, whether due to negligence, improper background checks or insufficient supervision, sexual abuse can occur. At J. Lewis & Associates, APLC, we hold both perpetrators of sexual abuse and the institutions that enable or ignore such crimes accountable. We are a husband-wife lawyer team. Leveraging our teamwork approach and family values, we fight for you and your child to seek the justice you deserve.

Defining Institutional Sexual Abuse

Institutional sexual abuse occurs when individuals suffer abuse while in the care or under the supervision of a public or private institution, such as a school, youth program, church or more. Whether you were abused by a teacher or coach, when the abuse occurs on the grounds of the school, you may take legal action against the institution for violating their duty to keep students safe.

Pursuing Justice Against A Wide Array Of Perpetrators

We represent children who have suffered sexual abuse across Southern California due to:

Whether the abuse took place in a public or private school, we will investigate the incident and all potentially liable parties.

Aggressive Representation In High-Stakes Cases

In our nearly four decades of combined experience, we have earned a reputation locally as aggressive negotiators and trial attorneys. We consistently guard and pursue the best interests of our clients, whether that includes accepting a settlement to obtain a swift resolution or pressing on in civil litigation.

We pursue the full and fair amount of compensation that you and your child are due. These damages can provide compensation for physical and emotional expenses, including medical bills, potentially lost wages and pain and suffering. We fight for the financial relief you need to begin the healing process.

Consult With A Lawyer

We can protect the rights of your child after they suffer sexual abuse at school. Let us help you begin to move forward. Schedule a free initial consultation with us in Riverside to learn more. Call us at 855-804-6049 or send us an email.

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