Holding Members Of The Clergy Accountable

Perpetrators of sexual abuse often are in powerful positions. Unfortunately, many accounts of sexual abuse both recently and historically have come from within churches and other religious institutions.

At J. Lewis & Associates, APLC, we understand the substantial physical, emotional and psychological effects of suffering sexual abuse by religious figures and institutions. Whether you or your child suffered sexual assault, we will leverage our reputation across Southern California as effective trial lawyers and our commitment to provide personalized service to assist you.

The Statute Of Limitations To Pursue A Claim

Many victims of sexual abuse do not initially disclose the crime to family members, let alone law enforcement. Whether due to fear, humiliation or more, many victims do not come forward until months or even years later. For children who suffered abuse, they may not realize the extent of the situation or its full effect on them until possibly decades later.

Whether you or your child suffered sexual abuse, it is critical to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. We can review your case compared with California's statute of limitations, or deadline to file a civil lawsuit. Generally, the state allows victims of child sexual abuse eight years to file a civil lawsuit after they reach the age of majority, or adulthood.

A Dedicated Advocate For The Vulnerable

We represent victims of sexual abuse, assault, rape and more after enduring abuse from:

  • Priests, deacons, pastors, bishops, rabbis and other members of the clergy
  • Local churches, parishes or dioceses
  • Larger religious institutions

We will listen intently to your account before determining an appropriate legal strategy going forward. By filing a civil lawsuit, we will aggressively pursue compensation for your medical expenses, potentially lost wages and pain and suffering. We work together with medical experts, counselors and more to arrive at an appropriate amount to pursue.

Overall, we work to seek justice for the immense violations you suffered by a member of the clergy and religious institutions.

Consult With A Knowledgeable Lawyer

Taking legal action against anyone within the church can be frightening. We can provide personalized guidance throughout your case. Schedule a free initial consultation at our Riverside office. Call us at 855-804-6049 or contact us online. We work on a contingency fee basis. If we do not recover compensation for you, you will not pay.

Además de nuestro personal que habla español, también contamos con abogados que hablan español para ayudarlo.