Representing Vulnerable Victims Against Care Providers

Child care facilities should provide children in their care with a safe environment to grow, learn and interact with other children. Whether part of a day care, after-school or foster program, care providers must act in the best interests of the children. When sexual abuse occurs on the premises, children can suffer emotional and physical trauma for years to come.

At J. Lewis & Associates, APLC, we seek justice for victims of sexual assault across Southern California. As a husband-wife attorney team, we have nearly 40 years of combined experience in upholding the rights of the vulnerable. We apply our collaborative, family-oriented approach to represent children and their parents or other family members after suffering sexual abuse while in the care of another.

The Duties Of Child Care Providers And Agencies

Whether due to negligence, improper vetting, insufficient supervision or the failure to respond to complaints, sexual abuse can occur on the premises of child care facilities. We represent victims after suffering sexual abuse due to:

  • Day care facilities
  • After-school organizations or youth programs
  • Foster homes and foster parents
  • Baby sitters or other caretakers

Unfortunately, children placed in the state's care can be especially vulnerable. When children suffer abuse by foster families, we hold all liable parties accountable, including the state agency, foster parents and more.

Dedicated Legal Guidance In Emotional Situations

Perpetrators of sexual abuse are commonly in some sort of position of power. Because of this uneven power dynamic between the perpetrator and the victim, it can be difficult for the victim to come forward and disclose what happened. When the victim is a young child, it can be even more confusing and emotionally devastating for them.

We aggressively pursue the justice you or your child is due. By filing a civil lawsuit, we fight for damages, or compensation, to provide financial relief for the physical and emotional trauma you suffered. We fight for the full amount that you are due to compensate for medical expenses, potentially lost wages and pain and suffering.

Learn How A Lawyer Can Help

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