Dog Bites

In California, there is strict liability for dog bite injuries. That means that a dog's owner is responsible for the injuries caused by a dog bite, knock-down or dog attack. Some states have a one bite rule, where the dog must demonstrate a propensity to bite before the owner can be held liable. However, California is not one of those states.

If you or your child has been seriously injured because of a dog bite or dog attack, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries you or your child sustained. You should discuss your situation with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine if you have a claim, and for assistance in pursuing your claim.

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Experienced Riverside Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

Dog bites and dog attacks can cause catastrophic injury or even death. Children are particularly vulnerable to dog bites because of a child's trusting nature. Many children have been bitten by dogs because the dog's owner was not watching their animal or failed to restrain their dog. In California, dog owners are strictly liable for the injury their dog causes a child or anyone else.

In many cases, dog bites require surgery and may result in permanent scarring, especially if a child or other person is bitten in the face, which occurs frequently in dog bite cases. Retaining an attorney who is familiar with dog bite claims and California law can help ensure that you receive fair and just compensation for the injuries sustained in your dog bite claim.

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