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In California, approximately 4,000 deaths a year occur due to car, truck and other motor vehicle accidents. Car accident deaths due to collisions with other vehicles are responsible for the majority of fatalities, but pedestrian accidents make up a large percentage of wrongful death claims resulting from a car or motor vehicle accident.

Retaining an experienced personal injury attorney can help you and your family maximize your recovery or compensation, and an exceptional personal injury lawyer can help you minimize your expenses.

Located down the street from the Riverside courthouse, the husband-wife attorney team at J. Lewis & Associates can help you maximize your recovery and minimize your expenses. We have more than 20 years of experience handling personal injury claims, including auto accident claims. We provide aggressive representation, and we believe our reputation and successful track record lead to much higher initial settlement offers from insurance companies.

For additional information about the quality of service we provide and our qualifications, we invite you to visit our Benefits of Retaining J. Lewis & Associates Law Firm page.

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Experienced Riverside Auto Accident Attorney and Car Fatality Lawyer

We provide aggressive representation in all types of auto and motor vehicle accident claims, including:

  • Car accidents — including auto accidents involving head-on collisions, side impact collisions and rear-end collisions
  • Motorcycle wrecks — including motorcycles hit by cars, trucks and other motor vehicles
  • Trucking accidents — including truck accidents involving cars, big-rigs and 18-wheelers, and commercial trucks and delivery vans
  • SUV accidents — including SUV rollovers
  • Bicycle accidents — including cyclists struck by cars in roadways, bike lanes and at intersections
  • Pedestrian accidents — including car accidents where a pedestrian is struck in a crosswalk, school crossing or intersection
  • Bus accidents — including metro bus accidents, charter bus accidents and tour bus accidents

If you suffered a catastrophic injury or have a wrongful death claim due to a car or other motor vehicle accident, you owe it to yourself and your family to retain experienced counsel right away to protect your legal and financial interests. Contact a skilled personal injury team that will fight to maximize your recovery and minimize your medical and legal expenses.

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For a FREE consultation to discuss your car accident injury claim with an experienced Riverside personal injury attorney who will fight to protect your interests and aggressively pursue your claim, please call J. Lewis & Associates toll-free at 1-951-682-0488 today. If you prefer, you can fill out our intake form and we will contact you to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Your family and your future are too important to trust to a less experienced law firm. Plus, get $500 off attorney fees by mentioning our website.

J. Lewis & Associates: Riverside Personal Injury Attorneys
Protecting the Legal and Financial Interests of Your Family after an Accident

If you have been involved in an accident, or if a family member was seriously injured or killed in a car wreck or other accident, you want experienced representation from a law firm that will fight to protect your legal and financial interests after an accident.

The Riverside Attorneys at J. Lewis & Associates enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the legal community and have earned the respect of judges, their peers and insurance claims adjusters for their tough negotiation and trial experience. We understand the meaning of family, and if we accept your case, we will fight to maximize your compensation.

When you retain our law firm, you get experienced representation, personal service and attention unequaled by other law firms. And you save money.

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