Client Testimonials

“Being involved in a lawsuit is a difficult thing but the attorneys at J. Lewis & Associates made it easier to get through. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for legal representation.”Suzanne C.

“Family is something that is very important to me. Since the attorneys at J. Lewis & Associates are a husband and wife team, I knew I would be in good hands and I was. They treated me as if I were one of their family members during the entire time that they were my lawyers. Thanks, Jon and Robyn!”Mike L.

“I have had many other attorneys in the past for different things and my experience has always been the same. I would get no information about my case and I never got any phone calls returned when I called. My experience has been completely different with Jon Lewis handling my case. His staff is incredibly courteous and can respond to most of my questions if Mr. Lewis is not available. I get frequent status letters to let me know what is going on with my case and to explain the process to me. And Mr. Lewis always returns my call. I have found the attorney I have been looking for.”Jordan B.

“I had a very difficult case and I could not find any attorney who was even willing to give me the time of day. After a free consultation with Mr. Lewis, he put my mind at ease and agreed to take my case and I knew that he believed in what he was doing. After taking the case to trial, the jury awarded me over a half million dollars. I could not have been any happier with the result.”Rodney S.

“It’s hard to trust attorneys when you hear so much bad stuff about them all the time. I never felt that way with Jon and Robyn. They were so nice and made me feel as if no question was a bad question. They always said “you are the boss” and I really felt that way in dealing with them.”Shirley W.

“Anytime I hear that someone needs an attorney, I immediately recommend the law firm of J. Lewis & Associates. After my wife was involved in a serious car accident, our lives were turned upside down. We did not have health insurance and she desperately needed medical treatment. Mr. Lewis helped us find her the right medical care and was by our side every step of the way. I will always be thankful that he was there to help us and to fight for us in our time of need.”Jim D.

“I have to say that I have rarely met someone with the same dedication and persistence as Jon Lewis. He put so much time and effort into my case. He is a wonderful lawyer and I am glad he was there to represent me.”Sarah S.

“I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Jon and Robyn Lewis. This team of attorneys know exactly what they are doing and how to get the best results for their clients. They have represented me, my step-mother, and my uncle and I will continue to recommend their services to anyone. Thank you for all of your help.”Sean H.

“After my mom was involved in a car accident, we tried really hard to find an attorney who spoke Spanish. Many attorneys advertise that they are Spanish speaking but it turns out that there is just an office staff member that speaks Spanish or that the attorney doesn’t speak Spanish at all. Since my mom only speaks Spanish, it was important to me that she have an attorney that she could communicate with. Mr. Lewis is fluent in Spanish and was able to speak with her just like I would. And he took the time to send her letters in Spanish as well.”Felipe R.

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